We recognize that not every person has the ability to write their own workout routine. So, Monday through Friday Liz posts a workout of the day (WOD) in the gym for members to follow at their own pace. Here you will find a mix of strength, conditioning and endurance workouts designed to work the entire body throughout the week. These workouts are scalable for every body size and age. We have men and women, and boys and girls following these workouts whether they want to burn fat, build muscle, build endurance, or all three.

At the beginning of the 90 day challenge, you will meet with Liz to:

  • Choose your 90 day goals (for example, lose fat, build muscle, gain strength, etc.)
  • Get weighed, measured and pictured
  • Get your personalized food and/or workout plan

Once we get your goals defined and get your 90 day challenge setup, it’s time for you to:

  • Perform the workouts agreed during your consultation
  • Get weighed weekly
  • Get measured monthly
  • Programming includes Workouts of the Day (WOD) Monday-Friday for gym members

TRANSFORM YOUR BODY AND YOUR LIFE IN 90 DAYS within a supportive, motivational and competitive environment!